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Happy, Healthy Employees

Achieve Greater Productivity

Workplace wellness is becoming more and more popular with businesses of all sizes. Rightfully so! The benefits of enabling your staff to stay healthy and fit are endless. We work with corporations to develop wellness plans that work.

At S.W.E.A.T.® Inc, we believe that the key to employee retention and happiness is employee wellness. As a company, we encourage you to call us today and let us help you create strong, happy, healthy employees that will help boost productivity, retention, profit and team building.

S.W.E.A.T.® Inc
We can customize our programs to fit your needs

On-site OR virtual programs

Whether you are looking for a live virtual, in person or hybrid group training options for your company, we tailor our programs to the needs of your groups. Our class formats include, boot camp style training and circuit strength training. We can offer access to live virtual group training and/or the training program delivered direct to your private app.

Wellness Programs

Does your Corporation currently have an employee Fitness Plan? Is it working? Let us review your plan to see if it is as effective as you hope it is. Is your Corporate Fitness Facility functional and current? S.W.E.A.T.® Inc can provide a series of Fitness Audits to ensure your members are safe exercising in your facility and are making the most of your equipment.

Fun Fit Days & Lunch and Learns

Why not make your lunch educational and fun?! We offer Lunch and Learns to corporate sites or anyone that has a small group of attentive health minded people! Some topics include: nutrition training, resistance training guidelines & benefits, fit for golf, importance of flexibility training & how-to, proper exercise application and, so much more…
From $250 per session.

Corporate Fitness Challenges

Adding a little health challenge to the workplace, can increase team building and workplace excitement. Our challenges can be customized to your needs, but can include transformations & weight loss, daily habits, workspace health, overall fitness and more.

The Reviews are in!
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Elizabeth O
Test Engineer, Ottawa, ON
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“Training with Connie is awesome! She creates excellent workouts that are challenging but not overwhelming. What makes her training extra special is the supportive and fun environment she creates between the participants. As well, because Connie comes on site, her workouts are easy to fit into my schedule and provide a great break which helps me focus at work! ”
Nathalie VG
Project Manager, Ottawa, ON
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“Since I started my company-sponsored training with Connie, I feel a lot stronger. Of course, a workout always beats eating lunch at your desk while typing up emails. Since Covid, the bootcamp has moved to Zoom and it is very well run. Connie understands that not everyone has fitness equipment at home, and provides useful alternatives. Because everyone has become more sedentary (and depressed) since working from home, it is good for both your physical and mental health to have two dates per week with Connie.”
Fred S
Optical Engineer, Ottawa, ON
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“Connie has been a great trainer for keeping my body in good condition and avoiding injury for the past few years! Her class is an important part of my fitness and health routine, and valuable asset to my work day”
Sherri S
Engineer, Ottawa, ON
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“I highly recommend Connie’s corporate training program, whether in person or virtual. The exercises are well thought out and build on one another as the workout progresses. The program has enough variety to maintain my interest, and the ability to increase or decrease the intensity as required by each individual. I trust her expertise entirely. The fact that I can do this part way through my work day with work colleagues has had two key benefits: it keeps me on track with my fitness because of the group motivation and convenience, and it provides a very tangible way to connect with work colleagues. I’ve been doing Connie’s bootcamp for almost 5 years and will continue as long as I’m able.”
Stephen K
Legal Counsel, Ottawa, ON
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"Connie participated on a panel of fitness experts who provided health and wellness advice to over 100 members of my federal government department. Connie was fabulous! Her presentation was clear, concise, and compelling. She was personable and energetic as she provided concrete advice, not only on how to start a personalized fitness program, but also on how to maintain it over the long run. Her subject knowledge is deep enough that she was able to answer audience questions without hesitation – she even managed to do so using the video seminar’s chat function while the other speakers presented. Connie later received a number of positive reviews from participants who were inspired to improve their fitness levels. One person noted that Connie was adept at explaining fitness tips without shaming audience members who have struggled to stay fit. I recommend Connie unreservedly.”
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