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Developed & Designed for Women Over 40


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Are You a Woman Over 40?

Let's reduce the effect of stress on your mind & body, so that you can feel more joy, resilience & strength.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are a high achiever
  • You’re devoted to your career
  • You love to help & support others
  • Maybe you have a busy household
  • And you know that your mind and body would benefit from a balanced wellness routine
  • BUT…Somewhere along the way you lost yourself, your focus & your motivation
  • And as a result
  • You’ve lost confidence, joy & energy
  • You are feeling the effects of stress - and it’s showing up inside & out.
that's me & I want to take action!

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, worried about menopause changes, discouraged, lost, frustrated, sad & alone.

But imagine if you could feel encouraged, embraced, supported & guided back to YOU?!

It’s time to find the S.W.E.A.T® in YOU!

Strengthening you, so that you can continue to be there for others, but more importantly, to feel stronger for yourself. To have more energy for the day & the tasks ahead, while simultaneously losing the overwhelming & obsessive thoughts about your weight, hormones & health. To find control of a lifestyle that is manageable, regain your confidence, and quiet your mind so that stress no longer harbors in your body. You CAN achieve all of this without spending hours in a gym, going on a restrictive diet, or trying to navigate it alone.

Age 40 is THE most important time for women to take charge of their health.

It starts by being open to the journey. Being READY for change, then taking ACTION!

Transform your life from the inside out, because you deserve it.

Oh, I'm, ready!

Meet Your Coach

Get Me Back On Track, Too!

Being an entrepreneur, a perimenopausal mom of 2 young kids, an only child to aging parents, and a wife of a husband with a rare genetic neurological disease - I have experienced the effects of chronic stress and uncontrollable change. Over the last few years, I’ve created a solution that helps manage my anxiety, regain confidence and find ways to stay positive, strong and healthy in both mind & body. Life is busy. Life is stressful. Fitness & lifestyle management is my priority. Without it, everything else would be a struggle, and I’m here to help others feel the same way, especially when I know how it felt when I fell off track & lost myself.

This program is a perfect blend of personal & professional experience & education. Combining my Bachelor of Social Science Degree, my Fitness and Lifestyle Management Diploma, being a long-time Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS), overcoming adversity & achieving accomplishments. I’m sharing all of my personal and professional tips and tricks in 9 short & intensive weeks.

Fitness continues to strengthen me through life’s storms and I’m honored to be able to share that with others. This effective training and supportive wholesome coaching will help you find sustainable Fitness & Lifestyle Management for YOU too.

Connie Beaulieu

This is the deepest program that I’ve ever developed, after fully experiencing what comes with being in my mid-40s.

For decades, I simply ran my clients through workouts. Without fully being aware of the impact of the mind, the importance of compassionate coaching and stress management. A 360-degree approach that truly allows for sustainable transformation.

Because as we age, stress will manifest into illness, all while taking a toll on the brain & body along the way. Increased weight is simply a symptom of what lies beneath - inflammation, hormone changes & harbored stress. We must go upstream for true transformation and to find our way.

The goal is to make your health, your habit.

It’s not motivation, it’s knowing the WHY, how, and who, that will take you there.

I am a 47-year-old woman who understands all that comes with this decade and I’m here to help others find their way through it too.

Because if we're lucky, we've hit mid-life and it shouldn’t be downhill from here, despite what we may have been taught. By the end of our 9 weeks together, you will understand what foods best serve you, develop a sustainable fitness routine to keep you moving, increase your strength & energy, lose the weight that is not serving you, let go of the thoughts that have held you back, avoid the negative effects of menopause, create healthy habits and better manage stress.

Featured In

"I want to thank you. My mental and physical health would have suffered these past two years if it weren’t for your amazing program. Coming to you was the BEST decision I have ever made and I am so thankful for your care, compassion, knowledge and support. I love the workouts - which at one point I would have never ever believed I could. And because I have learned to love that, I also love myself a whole lot more. I don’t look at working out as a task or chore and I don’t do it with the mindset of losing weight. I do it because I love it, love myself and how it makes me feel. I’m stronger mentally and physically. Anyways, I could go on forever, but although it’s simple and could never mean enough, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart You are simply the best and I will tell everyone who will listen!"

Julie S.

9 WEEKS of 1:1 coaching, accountability, education, community & support for the busy 40+ women who are ready to regain joy, resilience, strength & better health through fitness & lifestyle management.

Exercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mindset, Habits.

A deep dive into our 5 Pillar Program that helps build a sustainable fitness lifestyle & 360 degrees of health.

This program includes resistance training, walking, guided meditation, flexibility, yoga & balanced nutrition - all of which have a strong physiological benefit to your health & hormones after 40.


Instead of:

  • Feeling anxious about your health & fitness
  • Feeling frustrated in not seeing any change
  • Losing yourself in the game of life
  • Feeling alone and overwhelmed
  • Like you’re investing in strengthening yourself
  • Supported in a safe space
  • With a sense of control over your health
  • And simply overall happier & stronger.

You could feel…

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What are the 5 PILLARS of S.W.E.A.T®?

Strength Over Stress

Build stronger physical fitness, so that you find improved function & mobility. Age with athleticism. Maintain your muscle.
Build stronger mental fitness, so that you can overcome obstacles.
Build stronger nutrition habits, so that you feel less inflammation & digestive discomfort.

Will Through Your Why

Because motivation doesn’t exist naturally. WHY do you want this? That’s where the WILL to get it done lies. How will this change your days, your life? Let’s define your values & align the habits, so that you can develop bulletproof willpower!

Because life is a marathon, not a sprint. Cardiovascular endurance, emotional energy, and physical energy are all important aspects to feel balanced in your day…all day.

Endurance & Endless Energy

Learn how to show up for yourself and create sustainable habits, with the valuable guidance of a personal coach & a supportive community of like-minded individuals!

Accountability & Action

It’s you vs. your ego - the constant battle! Letting go of shame, comfort, and feelings of disappointment are components tied to emotional fitness. Understanding this, as well as grief & grace can lead to greatness and lasting change. The spirit of a tenacious champion.

Tenacity & Thoughts

"I am not sure I have the right words to express my heartfelt gratitude for Connie and her S.W.E.A.T.® program. It has truly changed/saved my life. Having Connie’s support over the past 13 years , her program design and my FitFamily , I have managed to stay healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally in the most trying of times. As the mother of a son in a wheelchair and an executive leader in health care, my days are long, physically demanding and stressful. Throughout my 40's and now 50's, Connie’s program has been a lifeline that helps me feel strong, happy and manage my stress. I have accomplished things that I never thought imaginable, like 2 Spartan Races, training outdoors and simply staying committed to weekly strength training for so long. This hasn't only benefitted my own health, but supported my son's growth and my family overall. You won’t regret joining and surrounding yourself with the most positive people on the planet."

Kelli T.

What you’ll receive:

What you’ll need:

  • 30-45 minutes a day to devote to your own self-care (don’t worry, I’ll coach you on how to create this!)
  • A positive attitude that’s READY for change
  • An open mind that is ready for growth
  • An optimistic belief that you are capable of feeling better
  • A small space to workout at home, or at a gym
  • Willingness to purchase small equipment like a few weights and bands (if exercising from home)

A welcome email from Connie, with access to your own private training portal & app as you wait for your group cohort to begin.

Ongoing access to your portal - where you will find your transformational content & resources, dripped out over the following 9 weeks, divided up into 3-week manageable blocks (phases).

A 9-week program that will allow for sustainable transformation in mind & body. Includes training (exercise), nutrition (coaching), mindset & lifestyle goals organized and delivered in an easy-to-adapt approach.

A community that is on the same journey as you. Celebrate your wins, share your similar struggles.

An opportunity to find an accountability partner, so you don’t feel alone & have ongoing support!

Weekly check-ins via 2-way texts & email, so that you stay on track, feel supported, and ask any questions. Monthly virtual group meet ups & 1:1 private check-in calls with Connie.


Each focus block will include 2 different 30-45 minute strength workouts to do in your own space, on your own time.

These workouts will be delivered via your own private app and include an integrated timer and demo videos. All workouts can be customized as required along the way.

Daily habit & activity checklist, so that you can create a routine that works for you! This will include outdoor walks & stretches to help lower the stress & tension in your day. Be rewarded for your achievements!


Gentle integration of weekly Yoga & guided meditation via recordings that you can do on your own.

Understanding you, your mindset, experiences and thoughts and how they impact your journey.

Find the CALM in you & your subconscious brain!

Custom review of your current nutrition habits, intake & relationship with food.

Weekly meal guidance, including new easy-to-make recipes that can be made and served in under 45 minutes.

All meals follow an anti-inflammatory approach. Help to simplify your nutrition - which will guide you away from overwhelming thoughts, restrictions, gimmicks, and fad diets. Eat to feel good and take the stress away! Learn what foods best serve you.

Lifestyle strategies for better sleep & recovery.

Stress management strategies that you can easily incorporate into your day.

Creating new habits that help your mind and body find balance.

An assessment & overview of current status, medical history questionnaire & goal setting worksheet. Your starting point.

Health & fitness education delivered via short videos to help you understand your mind and body and how to best support it. Learn why you feel the way you do, and what you can do about it as you navigate perimenopause/menopause.

Resources & referrals to help develop a deeper understanding of your hormones, your health, and how to take further action if required.

Compassionate, guided coaching. We are in it together.

Supportive environment, because we know that life can get in the way!

Ongoing encouragement, because we want you to feel better.



A look inside the program:

Week 1-3

Meet your coach, your community and find an accountability partner.

Get to know yourself, your habits, your mindset & learn how to apply a shift towards your goals.

Start moving & feel connected to your muscles!

Understand what foods best serve you.

Feel an increase in energy & improvement in mood.

Week 4-6

Develop your physical strength.

Learn how to quiet the mind & build resiliency.

Establish a walking routine.

Feel more mobile & sustained daily energy.

Find improved fitness & look forward to your workouts.

Week 7-9

Feel less joint pain and find better posture.

Better digestion, less bloating and a new easy-to-follow nutrition plan.

New habits begin to form & old habits begin to fade away!

Improved health markers & body composition.

Moving Forward

Find new confidence, new habits and a new lifestyle!

Have resources that you can continually refer to, anytime you need a refresh!

Discover that what you've built, can be sustained!

An exclusive opportiunity to stay connected for longer.

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"I have been working out with Connie for well over 10 years. Connie has trained me through my 2 pregnancies, through all my highs as well as my lows. Most recently I fought a breast cancer battle. Having Connie help me through this battle was instrumental for my recovery. I worked out post bilateral mastectomy, through chemo as well as through radiation. Connie knew exactly how to support me both with her incredible skill set and knowledge but most importantly with her heart. After 10 years I consider her family and I feel lucky to have her as part of my team of care!"

Nat G.

  • You are READY to finally feel better!
  • You’re tired of being tired. You want to feel in better shape.
  • You’re looking for a proactive health approach. You want to age well.
  • You are ready to trade habits that no longer serve you. You are now putting yourself first.
  • You have tried numerous times on your own. You want accountability.
  • You are committed & ready to carve out “me” time.
  • You are coachable & can’t wait to have a coach!
  • You realize that you’re at a point in life, where your decision NOW will impact your future health. It’s time.
  • You want more joy & adventure out of life.
  • You understand the importance of fitness & value its benefits (physically literate).
  • You like to work independently, with support & direction.
  • You can follow through with a goal if you set your mind to it.
  • You consider yourself to have a novice fitness level, or used to be athletic at one time and want to get back there.

This program is for you, if…

  • Those looking for a quick fix
  • Those who are too busy to prioritize their health at this time
  • Those who will not do their tasks/homework
  • Those who do not like to workout
  • Those who do not like to cook
  • Those who do not have a growth mindset (open mind)
  • Those who are not ready to put in daily work
  • Those who are not busy managing stress
  • Those who have more specific goals and/or health limitations.

This program is NOT for:


STOP WAITING FOR THE RIGHT TIME. Your future self needs you NOW. Take charge of your health, feel stronger inside and out & find the S.W.E.A.T®️ in you!

I'm ready to Apply!

9-week cohort enrollment only 3 times per year.

Limited to only 20 per cohort, for maximum personal attention.

Next cohort: September 9th, 2024

For only $997CAD for 9 weeks

or 2 equal payments of $527CAD.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this program has limited enrollment, and by registering, you are reserving a spot for 9 weeks. If you prefer a shorter duration, please consider one of our other programs. There are no refunds after enrollment. Only results!

Do I have to commit to 9 weeks?


You will feel incredible and have a new sustainable fitness lifestyle! You may then consider joining our monthly training membership, or find your own way forward. There is no long-term commitment beyond the 9 weeks.


What happens after the 9 weeks?

The workouts are designed for your home space or personal gym. Our private app will go with you anywhere, on any device. This program is 100% online.

Where are the workouts done?


We recommend that you have access to dumbbells/free weights & bands. A bench, step, and TRX are a bonus. We will virtually help you set up your home workout space.

What equipment do I need?


We will connect via the private app that will be downloaded to your personal device, as well as zoom or phone for private coaching calls.

What tech do I need?


We limit each cohort to 15-20 members, in order to maximize personal attention & effective coaching.

How many people do you enroll in this program?


This is a program that will empower you to make positive lifestyle changes…for you, for good, because you deserve to feel more joy, resilience & strength in your one precious life.

Is this group training or personal training?


It’s both! You are entering a 9-week journey with others who feel the same way you do! You will follow group instruction, in addition to personalized coaching and attention. This is your journey and your program, with the addition of community support.

Why should I do this?


Average weight loss is 7-15lbs, 2-4% body fat, improve your flexibility, improve your functional strength, lower your stress level by 25-50%, improve your digestion with less bloating, heartburn and gas, normalize your blood pressure & blood sugars. Less joint pain, inflammation & stiffness. More energy and less anxiety. Find better habits, better sleep, better productivity & a better mood.

What results can I achieve?


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